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Manufacture of components

Manufacture of components

Manufacture of individual tool components. If toolmakers need to manufacture a technically very sophisticated tool from up to hundreds of individual parts in a short period of time, they often opt for an external partner company to manufacture mold assemblies, individual tool plates, mold inserts and other components.

When we receive your 3D model and 2D drawing for the production of a single component, you can easily proceed with the actual tool production process. In parallel, we manufacture the required tool components in Slovenia or China and deliver them to your production facility in order to save you time.

Key advantages

  1. 24hour response time.
    Our project manager focuses on your project and is committed to responding to any situation within 24 hours either by visiting your company in person or by calling back.
  2. Reliable solutions that fit your needs.
    Oeco is part of a global network of flexible and reliable tool-making partners that offers custom solutions tailored to your individual requirements. We respect your values and standards and share our knowledge and experience.
  3. Risk identification and fault prevention.
    Oeco's team of experts has many years of experience in making the most complex tools, allowing it to offer a number of practical tips on how to improve the tool concept free of charge. By producing a DFM report in the first 48 hours, we reduce the risk and prevent problems in serial production.
  4. Honest communication.
    Our goal is to ensure Oeco is a reliable business partner. Long-term cooperation requires open and honest communication from both sides. Our project manager will inform you about the status of your tool on a weekly basis, and you can notify us at any time of any changes requested by your end customer.
  5. Constructive criticism is welcome.
    Your satisfaction with our services comes first. By critically monitoring our work and giving us suggestions for improvements, you are helping us grow and deliver consistently better results.
  6. Favorable relationship between manufacturing time, costs and tool quality.
    We know that only a flawlessly working tool will meet your requirements. Our offer may not always be the cheapest, but we bet on quality workmanship and agreed delivery times. We definitely take into account your wishes and what makes sense for you - whether low-cost, prototype tools or top tools that meet the high requirements of the automotive industry.
  7. All-round support.
    Our work does not end with the delivery of the ordered tools. We stand by your side not only while the project is being carried out, but also after it has been completed. Our support team provides additional services ranging from maintenance and repairs to production of spare parts according to your design.
  8. Tool warranty
    2-year warranty.
    Lifetime of the tool: 1 million shots.
We can adapt to our customers needs and provide customizable payment methods that take customer financial planning into account.

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