Quality policy of OECO d.o.o.

The OECO d.o.o. quality policy is based on our vision, mission and commitment to key guiding principles of our company, as well as to fulfilling all the customer, legal and other requirements that are relevant to proper company operation.

As a fast growing service company, we are aware of the importance of the proper company operation, which allows us to ensure the high quality of our services and the consequent satisfaction of our key customers, while simultaneously being a key advantage in acquiring new customers.

With the quality policy, we undertake to having:
  • established and adequately controlled business processes within the company;
  • competent employees who are qualified to carry out their tasks in individual company processes correctly;
  • an established risk assessment system and consequently identified measures;
  • an established system of continuous improvements;
  • an established company operation in accordance with all legal requirements.
In addition to the above, the senior management also undertakes to:
  • ensure that the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system is implemented, maintained and continuously improved upon;
  • implement the quality policy within the company and present it to all employees accordingly;
  • provide support to all employees with the work they carry out for OECO d.o.o.;
  • ensure appropriate partnerships with key suppliers and service providers;
  • recognize the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders and act accordingly.

On: 26.10.2020

CEO: Milan Šebalj