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The influence of the internet for the metal industry.

24 January 2017

The Internet has changed the way we work, socialize, create and share information, and organize the flow of people, ideas, and things around the globe.

Some companies are using the Internet to make direct connections with their customers for the first time. Others are using secure Internet connections to intensify relations with some of their trading partners, and using the Internet’s reach and ubiquity to request quotes or sell off perishable stocks of goods or services by auction. Now a days buyers and sellers have as a point of interaction super-efficient new electronic marketplaces.

The Internet is helping companies to lower costs dramatically across their supply and demand chains, take their customer service into a different league, enter new markets, create additional revenue streams and redefine their business relationships.

For evidence of how far most companies still have to go in developing their Internet strategies, look no further than their corporate websites. In other words, most bosses know what they should be doing, but have not yet got around to it. It is easy to understand why. Knowing that you need a coherent e-business strategy is one thing, getting one is altogether more difficult.

We are here to help you through all the way, contact us to get further information about our strategies and success.


Article about fairs and events of the metal industry this year

3 October 2016

Here is a list with fairs that will be taking place the next couple of months here in Europe.

Please take a look, maybe it is a good opportunity for your business to show your products, find new providers and of course new clients.

Because of our selling skills and experience, we can also represent you, your company, therefore your products on fairs and different events abroad.

Name Description Date Country
AMB Int’l
exhibition for metal working
13. 9- 17. 9, 2016 Stuttgart, Germany
Fastener Fair Italy Exhibition
for Fastener & Fixing Technology
28. 9- 29 9, 2016 Milan, Italy
IMT Int’l Machine Tools Exhibition 03.10 – 07.10, 2016 Brno, Czech Republic
BI-MU Machine Tools, Robots and Automation 04.10 – 08.10, 2016 Milan, Italy
Fair of Metal Industry
04. 10- 08. 10, 2016 Zenica, Bosnia
manufacturing conference and networking event to reveal best practice and
highlight the latest solutions in preparing for an upturn over the next
twelve months
10. 10- 12. 10, 2016 Dusseldorf, Germany
Eurotool Int’l Trade Fair of Machine Tools,
Tools, Devices and Equipment for Material Processing
18.10 – 20.10, 2016 Cracow, Poland

wood and metal industry, tool and equipment, energy, electrical engineering,
telecommunications and craft and small entrepreneurship fai

26. 10- 29. 10, 2016 Split, Croatia
Tools/ Metalworking & Plastic suppliers trade fair
15. 11- 18. 11, 2016 Basle, Switzerland
METAL MADRID Metsl workers show 16. 11- 17. 11, 2016 Madrid, Spain
Metalworking / Металлообработка Metalwoorking and
22.11 – 24.11, 2016 Ekaterinburg, Russia
EMAF Int’l Machinery-Tools and
Accessories Exhibition
23.11 – 26.11, 2016 Porto, Portugal
Mould Eurasia Mould Technologies and Related
Industries Fair
 1.12 – 04. 12,   2016 Bursa, Turkey
Bursa Iron – Steel Iron – Steel, Casting, Non-Ferrous
Metals, Product and Manufacturing Machinery Fair
 1.12 –   04. 12, 2016 Bursa, Turkey
Metal Expo / Металл-Экспо Int’l Industrial
08. 11 – 11. 11,
Moscow, Russia
Trade Fair for Mold making and Tooling, Design and Application Development
06. 12 – 09. 12,
Dusseldorf, Germany


Article about the productivity of the company

3 October 2016

Every company should be constantly analyzing and optimizing their productivity levels, otherwise it could jeopardize their competitiveness in the market.

Productivity: relationship between the resources invested in an activity or process and the result. Ideally, the best result is obtained by investing the minimum of resources.

An unproductive company in addition to an inefficient use of resources, may also have problems of working environment, disorganization, bureaucracy, high costs and many other factors that prevent organizational develpment, so it is important to monitor the productivity of our company and see how we can optimize the key processes of our business.

The productivity indicators are variables that help us identify any defect or imperfection that exists when we produce a product or provide a service, and thus reflect the efficiency of the overall resources and human resources of the company, and it can be quantitative and qualitative.

the production index, or productivity, is the ratio between production and consumption, ie between benefit and cost,

For example, in materials, you can see how much material is purchased, and how much is sold, and then see how much material is wasted, and find out how to use it. This would be the productivity of used material.

The same can be applied to time used, the amount of staff, wages or cost of such personnel, etc., all to then create an indicator of overall business productivity.

Employee productivity = (goods or services produced) / (Resources Used)

Are you happy with the productivity of your Company?


Industry and Economy

19 September 2016

Kovinska industrija je v svetu in Sloveniji izjemno pomembna, saj v Sloveniji pod opredelitvijo kovinske industrije deluje več kot 2000 podjetij. Če pa prištejemo še mala podjetja in samostojne podjetnike se ta številka podvoji. Največ podjetij spada pod SKD kvalifikacijo 25, to je proizvodnja kovinskih izdelkov, razen strojev in naprav.

Skupni doprinos te panoge k slovenskem bdp-ju je 2,4 milijarde evrov.

Izvoz slovenske kovinske industrije je velik, saj je le malo izdelkov in storitev namenjenih Sloveniji, saj več kot 60% prihodkov ustvarijo na tujih trgih. Poleg tega, ta panoga pri nas zaposluje skoraj 64 tisoč ljudi.

Kovinska industrija je zanimiva tudi zaradi svoje dinamičnosti, saj se zelo hitro razvija. Njena posebnost je tudi nadpovprečno velik delež majhnih in srednjih podjetij in povezanost z drugimi industrijami kot je avtomobilska, kar še povečuje njen potencial za razvoj, ki ga podjetja s pridom izkoriščajo za rast prometa.

Če še niste del te zgodbe oziroma bi radi povečali svoje delež v njej, nas pokličite ali izpolnite kontaktni obrazec.


  • Obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Slovenije
  • Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije
  • Statistični urad Republike Slovenije.


Sales and Revenues of Company

7 September 2016

Whether we realize it or not, every business is in the business of sales. Sales is defined as “the techniques and tools used to get a customer to sign a contract or make a purchase”, which in turn generates revenue. And what would a business be without income? Revenue pays employees, covers operating costs, buys new inventory, markets products, and makes investments. Therefore, it is important to hire individuals that not only fit with the brand, but have the skills to generate more transactions.

So how can your company utilize sales tactics to generate more revenue? The first step is to determine a strategy or selling system for the company. Define how this strategy can be accomplished with the salespeople and of course advertising and marketing must be in line with the sales strategies, since these also contribute to generating sales.


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