All our effort is focused in the growth of your company.
We give you premium access to local and global customers.

We are a team of young and qualified people specialized in strategic sales and digital marketing for metal industry.

Machining, laser cutting, tool making, mold injection…

We already know the industry, customers and markets, so we can focus on your company and your business. Because the better we know you, the better support we can give you and can reach your goals faster. We create strategies for your company looking to optimize and maximize traffic, improve the branding of your business and increase your sales.

We help businesses grow, reach new markets and develop their full potential.

By becoming our partner, our customer will receive a free membership to our network, which is conform by other customers and connections from Slovenia and abroad. Having access to this membership enables the customer to connect with new possible clients, which also have our confirmation and approval. Adittionally with this membership our partners will receive free constantly up-dates and publications regards the metal industry, which will allow them to seek new possible opportunities.


Milan Milan

I try to give an integral service to organizations by advisory, support and network connecting.
The purpose of this network connection is to help each other to create new businesses.

Milan CEO
Ana Lucia Sánchez Ana Lucia Sánchez

Our goal is to have longterm relationship and satisfied partners.
Our work for our client is paramount in building a relationship. And the best way to maintain that connection is trough great work.

Ana Lucia Sánchez Head of finance and Administration
Jure Jure

All our technical and human resources will always be at your entire disposition, exclusivily dedicated to the development of your projects and the accomplishment of our objectives.

Jure Strategic sales
Aljaž Aljaž

We want to be alongside with our partners in different phases of their business., helping them to move ideas into action.

Aljaž Head designer
Sara Sara

I like to give each project a special touch. Beauty has its own power. It is everywhere. Notice it. If you will seek for it in small things, you will find your joy.

Sara Designer